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 Autor: Wulf D. Hund, Charles W. Mills, Silvia Sebastiani  Category: racism  Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster  ISBN: 9783643907165  Seiten: 241

Contents: Charles W. Mills: Bestial Inferiority. Locating Simianization within Racism – Wulf D. Hund: Racist King Kong Fantasies. From Shakespeare’s Monster to Stalin’s Ape-Man – David Livingstone Smith, Ioana Panaitiu: Aping the Human Essence. Simianization as Dehumanization – Silvia Sebastiani: Challenging Boundaries. Apes and Savages in Enlightenment – Stefanie Affeldt: Exterminating the Brute. Sexism and Racism in „King Kong“ – Susan C. Townsend: The Yellow Monkey. Simianizing the Japanese – Steve Garner: The Simianization of the Irish. Racial Apeing and its Contexts – Kimberly Barsamian Kahn, Phillip Atiba Goff, Jean M. McMahon: Intersections of Prejudice and Dehumanization. Charting a Research Trajectory (Series:?Racism Analysis – Series B: Yearbooks, Vol. 6) [Subject: Sociology, Race Studies]