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Abortion Wars
As Roe v. Wade comes under renewed scrutiny in the United States, 2017 marks the fiftieth anniversary of another landmark shift in abortion policy: Britain's 1967 Abortion Act. But in the United Kingdom as in the United States, the struggle for abortion rights is far from over. In this hard-hitting, urgent book, socialist writer and leading UK pro-choice campaigner Judith Orr argues that the time has come for women to control their fertility without the practical, legal, and ideological barriers they have faced for generations. Combining analysis of media coverage, statistics, popular culture, and social attitudes with powerful firsthand accounts...
gender/feminism, Social Science Judith Orr
Back to the Future of Socialism
What's gone wrong with capitalism, and how should governments respond? Did big government or big banking cause the global financial crisis? Is the answer austerity or investment in growth; untrammelled market forces or regulation for the common good? Anthony Crosland's The Future of Socialism provided a creed for governments of the center left until the global banking crisis. Now Peter Hain, drawing on over fifty years of experience in politics, revisits this classic text and presents a stimulating political prospectus for today. Hain argues that capitalism is now more financially unstable and unfair, productive but prone to paralysis, dynamic but...
Political Science, theory Peter Hain
Making Sense of Brexit
After the shock decision to leave the EU in 2016, what can we learn about our divided and unequal society and the need to listen to each other? This engaging and accessible book addresses the causes and implications of Brexit. Seidler argues that we need new political imaginations across class, race, religion, gender and sexuality to engage in issues about the scale and acceleration of urban change and the time people need to adjust to new realities.
countries, Political Science Seidler, Victor
Rethinking Poverty
This book calls for a bold forward-looking social policy that addresses continuing austerity, under-resourced organisations and a lack of social solidarity. Based on a research programme by the Webb Memorial Trust, a key theme is power which shows that the way forward is to increase people’s sense of agency in building the society that they want.
Social Science, theory Barry Knight
Taking Power Back
One of the key issues of our time is the question of where power and governance should lie. Should they be centrally controlled, drawing on efficiencies of scale and gathered knowledge? Or should they be more locally distributed, so that they more closely represent the actual needs of people and communities? In Taking Power Back, Simon Parker makes a powerful case for the latter: centralization, he argues, has been largely a failure, breeding distrust among citizens—who, he shows, are beginning to take matters into their own hands. Offering policy recommendations and practical suggestions, Parker argues for a new kind of...
Political Science, theory Simon Parker
Women and Criminal Justice
This insightful book focuses on developments since the publication in 2007 of the Corston Report into women and criminal justice. While some of its recommendations were accepted by government, actual policy has restricted the scale and scope of change. The challenges of working with women in the current climate of change and uncertainty are also explored, seeking to translate lessons from good practice to policy development and recommending future directions resulting from the coalition government’s Transforming Rehabilitation plans. This timely analysis engages with wide-ranging considerations for policy makers, providers and practitioners of services and interventions for women who offend, and...
gender/feminism, prison, Social Science Annison, Jill, Brayford, Jo, John Deering