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Back to the Future of Socialism

 Autor: Peter Hain  Category: Political Science, theory  Publisher: Policy Press  ISBN: 9781447321682  Seiten: 392

What’s gone wrong with capitalism, and how should governments respond? Did big government or big banking cause the global financial crisis? Is the answer austerity or investment in growth; untrammelled market forces or regulation for the common good? Anthony Crosland’s The Future of Socialism provided a creed for governments of the center left until the global banking crisis. Now Peter Hain, drawing on over fifty years of experience in politics, revisits this classic text and presents a stimulating political prospectus for today. Hain argues that capitalism is now more financially unstable and unfair, productive but prone to paralysis, dynamic but discriminatory. A rousing alternative to the neoliberal, right-wing orthodoxy of our era, Hain’s new book should be read by everyone interested in the future of the left.